International Conference on Population and Development

The direction for population management in Ghana is expressed in the National Population Policy, (Revised Edition, 1994). The Revised Policy, which preceded the ICPD-PoA, sought to incorporate emerging issues (HIV/AIDS and the Youth). Indeed the National Population Policy (Revised Edition, 1994), anticipated in many respects, the principles, strategies and features adopted in the ICPD-PoA. This was in line with Article 37, Clause 4 of Ghana’s
Fourth Republican Constitution (1992), which calls for government to maintain a population policy consistent with the aspirations, objectives and development needs of the country.

Over the years, African governments have put in place development plans to improve upon the living conditions of their people. In Ghana, the primary aim of Vision 2020 was to attain a middle-income status by the year 2020... (Publication Document: ICPD- TABLE OF CONTENT | ICPD CONTENT | ICPD APPENDIX)