National Condom and Lubricant Strategy (NCLS) 2016-2020

npcThe availability and use of condoms and lubricant is essential for preventing the spread of Sexually Transmitted   Infections   (HIV   and   STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. In recent times, expects have sought   to   draw   the   attention   of   policy and decision-makers to the strong linkage between family planning (including condom use) and development.

In Ghana, this recognition has led to the development of several national policies, plans and strategies. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not been effectively translated into sustainable programming to expand family planning services including condom use. Thus, while there is almost universal knowledge of family planning in Ghana, uptake is relatively low.

The National Condom and Lubricant strategy (NCLS) 2016-2020, represents the Governments of Ghana’s commitment to ensure quality sexual and reproductive health for all Ghanaians. This is critical given the dual protection and condoms provide. (Download full publication)